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Daan Vreeburg  

Communications & Events Manager

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The NABC always goes the extra mile for our members to ensure that they possess the knowledge necessary to do successful business. Member support consists of conducting market research on request, providing specialized advice and individual match-making. We appreciate the difficulty that comes with gaining access to the correct representatives or fiscal connections, and we pledge our resources in assisting our members to gain maximum priority and visibility. We support members in:  

  • Locating reliable business contacts
  • Providing a customised description of a country or market
  • Organizing a fully customized trade mission

NABC's member services

Business Contacts

It can be difficult to find trustworthy distributors, importers, agents, investors or other business partners. Due to our extensive network we can successfully provide you with a list of potential business partners. 

Individual Trade Mission

NABC can arrange fully personalized trade missions to Africa.  We arrange all logistics, and facilitate the matchmaking process. Thanks to our Communication Center, we can also provide companies with greater media exposure and calculated access to Dutch and African media outlets. 

Market Scan

NABC can provide you with a market survey, including: socio-economic developments, trends in trade and investments, macro-economic developments, the political situation, financing options, logistics, and business etiquettes. 


Our Support Service in practice

Executing Due Diligence

"On request of one of our members, we deployed a due diligence report on a tannery company in Ethiopia.  Besides an assessment of various aspects of the company, the report also gave insight in the Ethiopian leather market in general"


Providing contact details of potential clients

"A Dutch telecom and IT company provides services to the African diaspora in the Netherlands but was facing difficulties in reaching them. NABC helped by delivering contact details of about 65 diaspora (related) organizations"

NABC's far-reaching network

"NABC has a far-reaching network which is illustrated by the service we provided for a member who faced a vessel being stuck in Gabon. Eventually, via an architect within our network our member was able to release the vessel and to sell the content of it"